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The Company

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Why We Started

A few years ago our family learnt that our precious oceans were under great threat from plastic pollution. We started by reducing our own plastic consumption but soon realised it was difficult to keep a plastic-free home, especially in busy family life. We knew we weren’t alone and that there were many other ocean lovers out there so we set out to simplify sustainable living. We have created a straight-forward, flexible subscription for replacing your household’s toothbrushes with biodegradable, plastic-free brushes.

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Ocean Loving

We’re incredibly passionate about the natural beauty of our planet. Our oceans cover 70% of the planet and all its marine life are the heart and soul of it. But plastic is choking our seas. Eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year, killing and harming marine life. A BlueRock bamboo toothbrush subscription not only helps reduce your plastic usage and but helps support marine life conservation too. We donate 10p for every toothbrush sold.

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Family Focused

BlueRock is owned and ran by the most powerful team there is - the family unit. We’ve used our low impact lifestyle to inspire others to live more sustainably. No matter how many under your roof - just the two of you, you and a few teenagers or maybe a small tribe of little people running around - we’ve got you covered.

We also developed our BlueRock Mini’s - bamboo toothbrushes just the right size for little hands. These cute brushes teach your kids about plastic-free living and why it’s so important. And of course, brushing with bamboo is way more fun than plastic!

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Simplifying Sustainable Living

We know how hectic modern life can get, especially a busy family life, so we kept it simple. You choose how many you’ll need of adult and kid brushes, how often you want your toothbrushes replaced, and boom! You’re all set up. And if you decide you want to cancel your subscription, you can do that at any time. No nonsense.


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The BlueRock Team



Seb the seal

Seb’s mission is to protect the planet's environment and natural world through ethical entrepreneurship and innovation. Whilst studying 3D design along the south coast of England, Seb developed his passion for sustainable materials and ocean conservation. He strives to share his knowledge of eco-living and protecting ocean life with BlueRock’s subscribers.

Adores Sea Lions

Favourite Colour:
Azure Blue


Julie the turtle

Julie has been lucky to have a breadth of experiences living across numerous continents with her growing family. Whilst living on an Indian Ocean island for many years, Julie saw the widespread impact of humans on the ocean and it taught her the importance of marine conservation. She aims to make home life sustainable yet simple for all, leaving time and space for healthy, happy living.

Loves Bakeries

Favourite Tea:
Mauritian Vanilla


Our Eco Promise

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Our Packaging

You know when you order one tiny thing and it arrives at your door in a massive box, buried in plastic. Yeah, we think it’s pretty silly too.

So we'll only ever pack your goodies in the packaging it needs to get to your door safely and you’ll only ever get 100% recyclable packaging.


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No Pointless Plastic

We know bubble-wrap is fun (to pop) but it’s also pure evil, so we promise to never use it. That goes for all plastic packaging.

Your order will arrive in a PEFC certified paper box, entirely plastic free and completely recyclable and biodegradable.



Carbon Neutral

Whenever you buy something from us you can rest assured it doesn’t come with a big carbon footprint. All cross-border shipping is carbon neutral.

Businesses can’t ignore the impact of their company’s food choices anymore. At BlueRock we encourage our team to have plant-based foods which have a smaller carbon footprint. This has dramatically reduced our environmental impact and we’re glowing with all the healthy plant-based goodness we’ve been eating too!



Remote workforce

At BlueRock, we are big fans of the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle. In the modern age, all we need is an internet connection and a phone or computer to work from remotely. Because of this we can hire the most passionate staff, no matter where they live, so the whole team is incredibly flexible and constantly motivated by their work-life balance. None of the team has to commute to work which reduces our daily carbon emissions and we don’t need a dedicated office space taking up unnecessary land and energy to run. Remote working at its best.



Animals in Need

School of FIsh

Conservation and Giving Back

10p to Marine Life Conservation

The oceans are changing at a faster rate than in any other time in our history, they are reaching crisis point and we have been ignoring them. It has been revealed that 70% of all litter in the ocean is plastic. We can all help change that.

Our bamboo toothbrush subscription gives you the ability to choose something that isn’t plastic and doesn’t pollute the ocean. Every time a BlueRock bamboo toothbrush is purchased, we donates 10p towards marine life conservation, a cause which is close to its founder’s heart.

Marine life and why we support it:

Marine Conservation Turtles

Marine Turtles

Marine turtles have been in our oceans for over 100 million years. They’re brilliant navigators, swimming hundreds or thousands of kilometres between feeding and nesting grounds. However, they face numerous threats from plastic, so we’re trying to help support the species.

From marine turtle population estimates we do know at least six of the seven species are at risk of extinction.

They are important predators that keep ocean food chains healthy. For example the hawks-bill turtle eat lots of sea sponges which would otherwise out-compete reef-building corals. Turtles help to protect the coral reefs which are crucial for the survival of many other sea creatures. The leather-back turtle is a big jellyfish eater which stops the jellyfish depleting the fish stocks. Turtles are hugely important in keeping a balance of biodiversity across the ocean habitats. 


Marine Conservation Dolphins

Dolphins play an important role in keeping their environment in balance. They eat mainly fish and squid and are indeed themselves a source of food for some sharks and other creatures. Without dolphins, the animals they prey on would increase in number, and their predators wouldn’t have as much to eat. This would disrupt the natural balance in the food chain and could negatively affect other wildlife and the health of the ocean environment.

We are looking after our oceans by protecting dolphins and that is good for all the wildlife and billions of people who depend on the sea.

These are just a couple of examples of endangered marine life we’re supporting. Head over to our Instagram to see more about the beautiful and fascinating underwater world we’re fighting to protect.

Ready to get your bamboo toothbrushes?