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The bamboo toothbrush subscription.

  • Family-friendly

  • Straightforward & flexible

  • Supporting marine life conservation

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Drowning in plastic

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The UK throws away around 100 million toothbrushes every year. That’s a huge amount of unnecessary plastic that pollutes our oceans and sadly kills millions of sea creatures.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

BlueRock toothbrushes are made from sustainable Mao Bamboo, they look super fresh and are much better for the environment. At BlueRock we promise to help households achieve their sustainability goals with a reliable & straightforward toothbrush subscription service.

Could you make the change to bamboo?

How does it work?

Three simple steps

  1. Tell us how many bamboo toothbrushes you would like.

  2. Subscribe and get new toothbrushes every 4/3/2 months.

  3. Once your toothbrushes arrive, enjoy your plastic-free brushing!

You can pause, cancel or change your subscription at anytime.


Why Bamboo?

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Our Mao bamboo is...

A Sustainable Resource - We can just keep growing it

Recyclable - You can also repurpose the handles

Biodegradable - It’s compost friendly too

Naturally Antibacterial - Fights germs building up

Simply Fabulous - Your new bathroom showstopper

Dental Care

Sustainable dental care

Eco-friendly doesn’t mean we’ve had to compromise on quality. Plastic-free dental care for a positive future.

Bristle Hardness - Our bristle designs are based on recommended dentistry hardness grades. Not too soft, not too hard - Just right.

Loaded With Bristles - The toothbrush heads are densely packed with high-quality bristles to ensure durability and thorough cleaning.

Ergonomic Design - The handles are made for comfortable grip with a slight angle to ensure easy and efficient use.


Family Friendly


Sustainability Simplified - Modern life can get hectic. You’ll never worry about replacing your household’s toothbrushes again.

Different colours - You’ll all get different coloured bristles. No more accidental toothbrush mix-ups!

Family Run - BlueRock is owned and run by the most powerful team there is - the family unit. Learn more

Perfect for kids too - Our child toothbrushes are ideal for young children - now the whole family can make the change to bamboo.


Eco Packaging - White.png

Plastic-free - Your toothbrushes are packaged completely plastic free.

Paper-based - All our packaging is made with paper, always.

Less is more - Where possible, we’ve reduced our packaging. We use paper wrappers, which are 70% less packaging than individual boxes, and have reduced the card used for our postal box too.

Sustainable - Our postal boxes are made from PEFC certified sustainably sourced card.


Our Oceans need protecting.

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For every brush sold, 10p goes towards an animal in need.


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Ready to get your bamboo toothbrushes?