Your Annual Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription (delivered every 2 months)

Your Annual Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription (delivered every 2 months)

from 23.40

Prices from £3.90-£3.50 per toothbrush, depending on chosen quantity.

• Your toothbrushes will be delivered every 2 months (6 total deliveries)
• You will only be charged once, this covers every delivery for the year.
• Includes Free UK delivery.

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√ Home compostable
√ Biodegradable handle
√ BPA-free bristles
√ Carbon neutral shipping

√ FSC-certified bamboo
√ PEFC-certified postal box
√ Plastic-free packaging
√ 10p donation to marine life

Bamboo toothbrush attributes

For every toothbrush sold, we donate 10p to marine life conservation projects.


Different Colours

Bristle Variations

Our bristles come in a variety of colours and patterns to help know whose is whose. You’ll get a new set of colours each delivery.

Colours may vary from the images displayed.

Our Bamboo

Our bamboo handles are completely biodegradable and are suitable for home composting. BlueRock bamboo is FSC-certified and cultivated on the slopes of Zhejiang, China.

Bamboo Qualities

Toothbrush Design

BlueRock toothbrushes are loaded with bristles and cut into a wavy shape for effective cleaning. The handles are shaped and polished to produce the sleek design giving them a comfortable grip.

Bamboo toothbrush

Unlike some other toothbrushes on the market, our toothbrush bristles are machine punched into the handles so we don’t need to use glues or other harmful adhesives. After use, the bristles can be pulled out with pliers and recycled.

Packaging - Postal Box

BlueRock toothbrushes come in an especially designed low-waste postal box. Your toothbrushes are stored, packaged and posted all in just one fantastic box. The postal box is PEFC-certified and completely plastic free.

Eco friendly packaging.png

Flexible Plan

You can amend your subscription at anytime. Any changes you make before your subscription recurs will apply.

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